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Music, was my first passion as far back as I can remember.  Never would I have imagined being chosen to lead God's people into Praise & Worship.  If you asked me what I'd be doing ten years ago, this was not the plan.  Coming to Christ, being born again in my early 40s was also not part of my plan.  But here we are, and I thank Jesus, for having chosen me.  May this life always be a reflection of how God has changed my life. And, may He continue to guide my every decision. Songs I've written over the years have been driven by God, His Spirit Who lives within me, His word, and life. The two songs I have recorded were in honor of my dad...


Today, I contnue to write, and am so blessed to be able to share them with the congregation at the church I serve at. It is an honor and  a privilege to serve as one of the Worship Leaders at Cross Community Church in Deerfield Beach Florida,  I am thankful, always, to be able to use my gift to lead His people.  Life is a journey.  The Sanctification is final, when He calls us home.

JAMES 1:16-17 “Don't be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights Who does not change like shifting shadows.”

JESUS the One Who saves. His Word is truth. He gave His life for me, and now, I have dedicated my life to Him

When He finds you, "We move from I do, so I am loved, to, I am loved; therefore, I do."

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All For The Love Of Me 

By: Lisa Thibodeau

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You Are - Lisa Thibodeau
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